Bello Sedie.. An all Italian story

A story of passiontraditionemotions, a story that teaches!
Our products are the result of the experience gained over these 38 years of business.

There are memories we can touch;
today we want to tell you part of our story by showing you a collection of tools used by the master artisans.

Dive into the past, explore our museum! Watch the video on our YouTube channel 

Bello Sedie again on Dom & Interier

settembre 22

Bello Sedie is again on the prestigious russian magazine "Dom & Interior", thanks to the beauty of one of its best creations: Sinfonia


Bello Sedie on Dom & Interier

aprile 23

Bello Sedie is again on the famous russian magazine "Dom & Interier"

Bello Sedie из DI_04_201-6.pdf cover_4_-6.pdf

Bello Sedie on Dom & Interier website

aprile 02

Dom & Interier talks about us on his website.
Read the article about the "Tovstonogov Bolshoi Drama Theater" here

Our Art. 3351/A on "Dom&Interier"

novembre 18

Another great success for Bello Sedie:

See on the PDF attached our throne on the russian magazine Dom&Interier


Bellosedie on "Hotel & Restaurant"

novembre 18

Bello Sedie is now on the Korean magazin "Hotel & Restaurants"


Bellosedie on "Dom Interier"

settembre 01

Bello Sedie has earned a place on the famous magazine Dom Interiror.

On the link below is possible to download the pdf.

Italian TV - 10th July 2014, Wednesday - International meeting for Asian and African markets in Padua (Italy)

Bello Sedie is always looking for new markets and new business, we do not follow, we want to be ahead.

Dom i Interier

luglio 04

This is the interview made by the ukranian magazine "Dom i Interier" to Marco Bello, General Director of Bello Sedie s.r.l.

Dom i Interie-6.pdf

Bello Sedie on IVE's ads - special coats for special chairs

giugno 26

Download the PDF of IVE's brochure!

Inside you can find Bello Sedie's articles!

Ive Vernic-6.pdf

Advertising in USA

giugno 26

Bello Sedie USA, May 2014

Find here below the PDF with our depliant!

BelloSedie USA -10.pdf BelloSedie USA-21.pdf BelloSedie US-16.pdf BelloSedie U-20.pdf

Superquark - Il Bolshoi

luglio 19

Click here to watch the video

Bello Sedie furnishes the set of the movie "I 57 giorni"

aprile 10

Bello Sedie has furnished with its products the set of the movie "I 57 giorni" which will air May 23, 2012 on RAI 1.

For us it is another good reference after furnishing the set of the movie "Karol, un uomo diventato papa" and the set of the "I menu di Benedetta" on the air on LA7.

Giulia Cazzaniga from RAI 2 highlights the success of Bello Sedie

marzo 02

Giulia Cazzaniga from RAI 2 telecast "The Last Word", highlights the success achieved worldwide by Bello Sedie in contrast to the serious crisis affecting the entire furniture industry.

Click here to watch the video

Il mattino di Padova

ottobre 18

Bello Sedie produced all the chairs of the "new" Bolshoi in Moscow.

Il Mattino di Padov-6.pdf


marzo 04

Turismo d'Italia sums up the spirit of Bello Sedie, made of advanced equipment and technology.


Life Style

settembre 30

Life Style describes the restoration of the Hotel Savoy, a gem of the belle epoque, furnished with some of the most luxurious products from Bello Sedie.

Life Styl-6.pdf


settembre 01

Catering emphasizes the importance of the chair in the dining room in a restaurant, taking as a model some of the latest productions of Bello Sedie.


Il sole 24 ore

dicembre 12

"Il sole 24 ore" describes one of the biggest hits of the corporate history of Bello Sedie:
the participation in the restoration of the prestigious Bolshoi Theatre of Moscow.


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