Bello Sedie: a Taylor-Made production.

December 16

For customers who want to develop an idea into a manufacture, Bello Sedie may be the ideal partner in this, dealing with all phases of project development:

-          defining the specifications with the customer;

-          preliminary draft: feasibility study and costs assessment;

-          consultancy for the manufacturing technique best suited to the product;

-          building and testing prototypes;

-          starting the production.

In this case, our experience in design and manufacture of chairs allows us creating projects that take into account not only the customer requirements and the cost of materials, but that are also optimized for maximum quality and durability of the product, best using the resources chosen.

Bello Sedie also operates direct to a clever design, seeking an aesthetic result that conveys strong sensory emotions, proposing the use of new technologies to communicate constantly with the users, with great care and respect for the environment.

Satisfy the qualitative characteristics required by the market is the input to create a quality product, which are also confirmed by the economic-financial aspect.

Bello Sedie be expecting!

November 30

Many new models are coming in Estro.016, the new contemporary collection.

After the indisputable success of this first preview, we will be ready soon to present all new items we are working on in these months.

Models style icons and elegance, strong and simple shape, intense and determined character are just some of the characteristics of new arrivals.

Are you curious? Stay tuned ... we will surprise you!

New Bernini Collection

November 16

In Bernini Collection, hospitality speaks Italian! New interpretations of contract furniture, which combine innovation and practicability with particular attention to details and style.

This collection presents a wide selection of stackable contract chairs and armchairs; the best solution to decorate your spaces with creativity and refinement without ignoring good taste and elegance.

Models dedicated to Hotels, Restaurants, Communities and to all people who need high quality, robust and long-lasting chairs.

Thanks to the particularly solid structure of our items and their iconic design, Bernini Collection is the ideal solution to achieve contract furniture, dining areas, bars and cafes.

Chairs and Armchairs of Bernini Collection can be custom made or even realized on design/customer project.

Traditional lines and interpretations of the most current trends: in our catalogue TALENTO VOL. II you will find a selection of items that share unparalleled comfort and Bello Sedie distinctive hallmark of quality.

Bello Sedie bespoke products and solutions can be found within the most prestigious hotels and restaurants, the Ho.Re.Ca industry and services for the community, both in Italy and abroad.


On 28th October will be the anniversary of the re-opening of one of the finest and largest theaters in the world: the Bolshoi Theatre in Moscow

On 28th October 2011, after seven years of very expensive restauration work that was worth approximately 660 million euros, the Moscow Bolshoi Theatre celebrated its rebirth by hosting a gala, and Bello Sedie is proud to have supply more than 2,000 chairs for the stalls, boxes and balconies.

The chairs are the exact reproduction of 18th century; for the finicky construction of the frames we used certified and first-quality Slavonian durmast, combined with the craftsmanship of old 18th-century masters, the technological support of Bello Sedie and its more than 30-year experience in the sector.

For Bello Sedie it was a privilege to make its know-how and experience available to complete such a high-standard project and we wish to share our satisfaction with you.



October 03

Ability, craftsmanship, attention to the detail, colors and shapesBELLO SEDIE is proud to present you a new catalogue TALENTO VOLUME II with more than 30 new models. Characterized by innovative graphics and new collections showing new products, TALENTO VOLUME II is the result of a period of study and experimentation, research and development. The traditional craftsmanship meets new technologies leading to new solutions, perfect to furnish your spaces.

Fantasy, inspiration, innovation, in one word ESTRO.016!!!
New shapes and a captivating design, ESTRO.016 – BELLO SEDIE’s latest collection, is the result of a long work of experimentation and planning.

Following the climate of change, we revolutionized our pricelist, and starting from today you will buy our products at more convenient prices.
Continuous investments in technology, research, development and an internal reorganization of the Company, allowed us to reduce some costs radically, increasing the quality of our products, quality that has been characterizing our brand since 1977.
We studied for you new discounts, which are going to improve our terms of sale – already in your possess;
the new pricelist will be more practical and easier to use and you will take advantage of better discounts also in case of smaller quantities.

What are you waiting for? There are not yet in your hands?
Ask immediately to!


May 20

When we talk about furniture we all know that paying close attention to details enriches the value of things; a particular – apparently insignificant but cleverly placed, enhances our spaces giving them style and character.

For almost 40 years, BELLO SEDIE has been combining materials and colors in order to “tailor” customized and unique products, exclusive and refined, so that our customers have the chance to give their spaces that personal touch that makes the difference.

The polishing is a fundamental step of the “tailor process”; colors express our emotions and reflect our personality, for this reason, who prefers BELLO SEDIE, has the possibility to choose among more than 100 types of different polish options.

Warm and cozy tones for the most romantic souls, intense and strong shades for the most inspired temperaments. Our palette offers nuances for all tastes because we believe that all wishes deserve to come true!

What are you waiting for?

Unleash your imagination and tell us your story, we are at your complete disposal to satisfy all your needs.



March 10

The Sartoria della Sedia is ready to be the protagonist once again thanks to a completely new collection of contemporary flavor.

The wind of CHANGE is blowing through the company; there is nothing better than a change of look to surprise!

The classic, characteristic feature of the company for over 30 years opens the way to new, simple forms, and as a good friend, it supports the contemporary along this great adventure. Clean and soft lines are now under the spotlight, the creative department is having a lot of fun playing with new colors and essences; the elegance becomes shabby chic, the style melds with refinement to renovate and grace the shapes.

As we told you before, INNOVATION and TRASFORMATION will be our key words for this edition of the Salone del Mobile.Milano 2016!


We are located in the HALL 1 – STAND M 06.

We are waiting for you!


February 24


Dear internet friends, we are now on INTERDEMA – the new design portal which gives the professionals of this sector, the opportunity to show the best of their collections.

This digital space allows you all to be always updated about the latest trends in modern furniture, design and interior decorating. Moreover, thanks to the showcase – our personalized area, you could find our products and all our latest news.

Come and visit us following this link



January 27

A good padding is essential for a comfortable seat.

BELLO SEDIE, through its excellent products, gives you little moments of comfort and wellness because we make our best to offer you something more than a simple padding.

The seats and the seatbacks of our articles are made up of different layers of flexible polyurethane foam of various thicknesses – a high quality material, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Its particular composition guarantees flexibility to the seat, resistance and a greater support, it is indeed very supporting and long lasting.

BELLO SEDIE, make yourself comfortable, we will take care of the rest.

See you soon!


January 07

DIAMOND Collection enriches with style and fantasy. Today we want to introduce you other gems taken from the BELLO SEDIE’s jewel case, result of the creative dynamism of our skillful designers.

Sophisticated and captivating jewels bear witnesses to an endless elegance, appropriate for enhancing and harmonize all kind of spaces. The classic innovates intertwining with the contemporary; the wood becomes chairs and armchairs characterized by refined plays of light and delicate contrasts obtained through the smart combination of fabrics and finishes.

Be enchanted by the excellent manufacture and the quality of handcrafted works, a distinguishing feature of BELLO SEDIE.

Bello Sedie… Luxury by nature.

"Bellezza chiama bellezza"

December 16

BELLO SEDIE dressed up and landed to Rome to participate in an event devoted to the arts!
A day dedicated to beauty and creativity displayed in different forms, art, music, drama.

After the success obtained at Villa Strozzi, the Company had the opportunity to decorate some rooms of the prestigious AIMART – The International Academy of Music and Arts, in occasion of its open day – Saturday, 4th December 2015.

The BEAUTY was the theme of the day, so BELLO SEDIE wanted to celebrate the arts showing some of its works, which have always been synonymous of style and elegance, expression of excellence and Italian talent in the world.

The eternal city welcomed BELLO SEDIE with happiness. The Company had the perfect occasion to show its qualities, obtaining the main role once again!

Come backstage with us and enjoy the show!

BELLO SEDIE.. an all Italian story …

December 02

A story of passion, tradition, emotions, a story that teaches!
Our products are the result of the experience gained over these 38 years of business.

There are memories we can touch; today we want to tell you part of our story by showing you a collection of tools used by the master artisans.

Dive into the past, explore our museum!

“... truth, whose mother is history, who is the rival of time, depository of deeds, witness of the past, example and lesson to the present, and warning to the future.”
(Miguel de Cervantes)


November 11

Bello Sedie redesigns the website getting a new look.

A completely different and streamlined homepage will welcome you with innovative graphics. A new interface, simple but elegant will accompany you during the exploration of our contents and a series of handy buttons will facilitate your navigation.
Innovation and comfort… just like our products.

Reliability, speed, expertise and simplicity are the values at the basis of our Company, the characteristics we would like to convey through our website.

Do you have any question or curiosity?
Do not hesitate to contact us by email:, you will find complete support and after-sales services, our product warranty and all you need to know about items, quotations and offers.



November 03


The 31st October 2015, literature and design met each other in the beautiful setting of Villa Strozzi, the historic Florentine residence of the 16th century, today base of the Shanghai & Florence - Sino Italian Design Exchange Centre.

Bello Sedie had the opportunity to contribute in the preparation of two galleries on the ground floor of the Villa. Some pieces of our collections found their place next to complements of taste and design of oriental flavor. Walking through the galleries people can see how the Italian craftsmanship combined together with the Asian character in order to create something special and unique, an original union which mixes perfectly millenarian traditions, art and culture.

Our creations played an unusual role in the play based on one of Calvino’s novels, Invisible Cities, published in 1972. Our products found themselves in the middle of an exciting voyage led by Marco Polo along his discovery of Asia. The explorer is fascinated by this country and talks to the Emperor Kublai Khan about his vast and expanding empire.

Art, culture, passion and design… Bello Sedie shines in Florence and leaves its mark.

The photos we took say it all. Click here!


October 08



    The raw material we use undoubtedly, the wood, the high quality fabrics. Our products are the result of hard work, enthusiasm and attention, all combined together. Moreover, I feel free to say that team work is the real secret of our products. [...]

Read all the article

Bello Sedie, la sartoria della sedia

September 23

The tailoring of our products derives from our desire to take special care of each project in the detail, to make it unique and customized to its core.

Our designers combine materials and colors skillfully so that every creation is exclusive and refined, pieces which “suit perfectly”, able to meet even the most demanding needs and tastes.

Bello Sedie® means craftsmanship, certainty of a fine product, a product 100% made in Italy.

Bello Sedie®, “BELLO”… one of a kind.

Bello Sedie, we are back!

September 11

We are back to work, once again ready to surprise!!

Amazing news will come this autumn. New collections… innovative models and much more!!

Creative color combinations and intense finishes will characterize the fall 2015/2016.

Follow us on our social networks and visit our website to be always updated.

Bello Sedie, we are back!


July 09

Tradition and modernity blend in the Diamond collection, where wood machining and hand-made finishes keep the spirit of artisan factories alive, offering a modern and contemporary flavour.

Classic and curvy lines coexist with modern and rigid lines, styles combine to create a refined atmosphere, a unique mood. The lines start off classic and evolve, thanks to an in-depth examination of shapes and functions, to contemporary luxury, to become romantic and charming furnishing accessories.

Comfort and design meet to interpret a classic style that cares both for function and for elegance; all items are consecrated to luxury and a sophisticated style, unmistakable signature of BELLO SEDIE furnishing accessories.

Bello Sedie… Luxury by nature.

Focus ON: Piazza di Spagna Collection wears light and gold!

June 18

Straight from the Milan International Furniture Fair, the Piazza di Spagna collection wears light and gold!
Glazed white finish features details of real gold and silver leaf applied by hand by our handicrafts masters.

High-quality details, hand-finished carvings, drawers and doors with cushioned locks, exquisite bottom upholsteries and crystal handles give this collection a timeless elegance.

The masterful combination of gold and silver leaf in a matching basic pattern makes it a very impactful and refined product.
Ideal for settings where precious luxury is key.

A product out of time and out of fashion, with a distinctive character that expresses the values the company believes in: quality, authenticity and beauty.

Until next time!

The new website is online now!

June 11

The new website is online now, ready to welcome you with innovative graphics and a streamlined and fast interface.
Searching products, reading the latest news, looking at all the pictures and finding which social media you can follow us on: here is our new way to take your through browsing!

Innovation, reliability, speed, skill and simplicity are the values and characteristics that reflect the reality of our Company and that we would like to convey via this new project

In the website you can browse through the useful information of the section “COMPANY”, the pictures, details and technical datasheets concerning our models in the sections “COLLECTIONS” and “PRODUCTS”, references and completed projects in the sections “REFERENCES” and “PROJECTS” in addition to our contact details and the map showing our offices and agents worldwide.

Special attention was paid to the section “FINISHING”; in the menu “PREVIEW” you can recreate a simulation of your favourite finishing and view the best combinations between polishing and fabric.

Do you have any additional questions? Do not hesitate to contact us by email, you will find all our support and after-sales services, our product warranty and all you need to know about items, quotations and offers.

Sign up now on and do not miss the next newsletter, with in-depth information on all the sections and more interesting features for you!

Till next time!

Bello Sedie in a Showcase!

May 27

Bello Sedie is now in the “Members Showcase of FederlegnoArredo”!

A digital space for the promotion of member Companies in Italy and worldwide.

The Showcase is a privileged meeting place between the Companies and their Partners – a digital space that showcases an overview of the made in Italy products of the wood-furniture sector available to consumers and designers.

Thanks to area reserved for professionals the showcase facilitates direct contact with the Companies, favouring the birth of new business opportunities.

Clicking on the link you will find catalogues, products, pictures and videos.

What are waiting for? Check out the showcase!

Till next time!

S.I.P. – Product Datasheet

May 22

Applicable legislation in Italy provides that all the products that are sold in our country and that are intended for the end consumer shall be accompanied by set information, such as to allow anyone, at the time of the purchase, to adequately assess the quality of the goods and, later, to use it appropriately.

Bello Sedie undertakes to supply the PRODUCT DATASHEET for each supply, even if the buyer is not the end consumer, to allow such end consumer to assess the quality of the product, the selection of materials and certify its goods.

Because we love our job and we believe in our relationship with our clients.

Till next time!

We are social people, follow us!

May 06

For Bello Sedie customer relationship does not end with the end of the order, but it also continues later...and the social networks help us!

Follow us on our Youtube channel to watch the videos of our production and the videos of the latest trade fairs we have been to.

Stay tuned on all our news and new projects on Twitter

Join our professional network on Linkedin

Join our circle on Google+

Share with us the pictures of the new collections on Pinterest

Let us know what you think about us on Facebook and “like” us!

Till next time!

New Website … New Blog … New Life!

April 30

We are back with a brand new Blog section for you!

The section is rich of ideas and trivia where you may find all our news and keep in contact with us.

It is a window into the internet where you will discover the secrets of our production, follow the current trends, recognize the quality of genuine MADE IN ITALY products and find Italian excellence!

Enjoy reading, enjoy blogging, good luck with your work!

Till next time!

The Raw Material: Wood

April 22

The procurement of raw material, spanning from September to April, is an essential step across the entire production chain.

For the selection of timber, we rely on the skill and expertise we have gained in our 30 years of experience in the business, choosing material from FSC-certified plantations (Forest Stewardship Council) only selling timber coming from responsibly managed forests according to strict environmental standards.

Bello Sedie owns a sawmill which follows the production process to the manufacturing of the unfinished product, ready for processing.

The following steps are completed:

  1. Debarking, i.e. bark removal;
  2. Sawing of the bark in different thicknesses, i.e. the bark is sawed into planks of different thickness.
  3. Transformation of the planks into semi-finished products, i.e. the planks are sawed into elements and their sizes vary both in thickness and width and length, depending on the model to be manufactured.
  4. Drying of the material, a very important step for the end-result of the product. This very delicate step is also performed by our own air furnaces and, at the end of the process, the wood will have a final moisture content of 8-10%

Our love for wood and our passion for our work are passed on from generation to generation, but tradition does not hinder technological development.

We are proud to say that the entire production process, from sawing trunks to the finished chair, takes place at our Company.

Till next time!

54th Salone Internazionale del Mobile 14-19 April: SAVE THE DATE!

April 09

Salone del Mobile is the global benchmark for the home-furnishing sector.

The success of the latest edition confirms its importance as an exclusive showcase of the latest in furnishing.

The next Salone Internazionale del Mobile will be held from 14 to 19 April 2015, where we will be showcasing at Pavilion 2 Stand L36.

Come and find out the latest in Luxury to experience with the elegance of the Piazza di Spagna Collection and be surprised by the brand new Neo Déco Collection, characterized by a refined and contemporary flavour.

Do not miss this opportunity … SAVE THE DATE!!!

Till next time!

Focus ON: Billiard tables…. Happy birthday TOTO!

April 01

Well yes, Toto turns one ….BEST WISHES to mom RESTALDI INTERATIONAL SRL and dad BELLO SEDIE!!!

12 months of achievements and satisfactions, that is why we would like to thank you and all our Clients who have always supported us with your enthusiasm and your support.

In addition to TOTO find the entire Billiards collection

Our products embody Italian excellence, they are manufactured by the skilful hands of master craftsmen, they meet very high technical standards and are controlled by highly qualified people and match aesthetical perfection of exclusive models.

The end-result? A product out of time and trends, its distinctive character expresses the values our company believes in: quality, authenticity and beauty.

Till next time!

Bello Sedie original – Beware of counterfeiting!

March 19

Bello Sedie products are unmistakable, but they are often subject to counterfeiting.

Increasingly more Italian and foreign manufacturers attempt to imitate our (registered and filed) models, but obviously the end-result does not live up to the original in terms of quality and look.

Here are some of our suggestions to avoid chancing upon unpleasant situations:

  1. All our packs are marked Bello Sedie
  2. All our models come with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY, certifying that they are genuine BELLO SEDIE products
  3. Each product has a “BELLO SEDIE” resin label on the back of the seat
  4. The canvas under the seat is printed “BELLO SEDIE”

  5. The BELLO SEDIE brand is not just a symbol of original Made in Italy products, but also of quality and authenticity.

    Choose BELLO SEDIE, choose MADE IN ITALY.

    Till next time!

Eco-friendly Bello Sedie

March 12

GREEN is not just a colour for us - Passion, quality, design - in a Green code

All our items are green-coded: every product is manufactured using hardwood timber from FSC-certified plantations (Forest Stewardship Council) only selling timber from responsibly managed forests according to strict environmental and socio-economic standards.

Bello Sedie enforces green values inside its plants, in fact the waste material from wood processing is fully used in the production of clean energy for the Company.

In order to design our interiors, it is necessary to preserve our outdoors.

That is why for years now we have been applying remarkably innovative eco-friendly finishes using nontoxic paints and impregnating agents.
Organic paints are low-environmental impact paints, made of natural ingredients, safe for those who produce them, for those who use them and for those who experience them in their houses.
They come in as wide a range of colours and nuances as their chemical "step sisters".

It is our duty to protect our consumers/clients by creating a transparent relationship, correctly communicating our policies and activities which may affect their choices!

Till next time!


November 20

Bello Sedie in the Showcase of the #FlaMembers, a meeting point to develop ideas and business opportunity.

An exclusive meeting place for consumers and designers that offers the best of our “Made in Italy”.

An easy and intuitive way to discover our Products, follow us by our Social Network, check our Appointment Calendar and find out our Dealers all over the world.

Follow us at Federlegno

ARREDABOOK… it take care of your home… and today with BELLOSEDIE!

November 18

ARREDABOOK… it take care of your home… and today with BELLOSEDIE!

We are glad to inform you that #BELLOSEDIE joined with the Community of #ARREDABOOK.

A blog with more thank 20.000 followers, always updating, full of ideas and solutions to decorate your home with elegance and a lot of solution for any location and many proposals to take care of your home.

You can find us in ARREDALOVERS at Arredalovers and at the new sections dedicate to Business BelloSedie

We are waiting for you with many ideas, news and advices! -

6-7 November: The Innovation Forum #FLAGIOVANI #FEDERLEGNO

November 10

6th Nov. 2014

Afternoon spent in Fantoni SPA for visiting the production processes, with a fascinating explanation by Marco e Alessandro Fantoni.

At the end, an enjoyable wine tasting with Specogna and Christian Specogna

7th Nov. 2014

Started the Innovation Forum with #Internet of Everything, #Digital manufacturing, #E-commerce, #Scenari futuri.

We would like thank Federlegno, Federlegno Giovani for this experience.

We come back home full of ideas, proposals and innovations.



It’s now on line the video with our new Creations.

Piazza di Spagna for high-living dining rooms (cupboards, mirrors, cabinets, tv stand, tv frames, tables and chairs), Vittoriano and Villa Adriana for luxurious livings.

When reality goes beyond dreams, when reality goes further, that’s Bello Sedie.

Ask for the new catalogue and price list: <a data-cke-saved-href="mailto:" href="mailto:""="">

Piazza di Spagna Catalogue is now available!

May 16

Bello Sedie is glad to share the latest creation:
Collection Piazza di Spagna.

That’s our first exclusive furniture collection for the living area, is a perfect balance between the elegance of the roses, so loved by worldwide famous artists, and the timeless beauty of Rome.

Contact us to receive the PDF catalogue and for information or quotations.


May 06

Our customers were strongly asking for something more than chairs and tables, so we decided to propose a complete collection of furniture, realizing our first exclusive collection:

Piazza di Spagna, signed Bello Sedie, which includes furniture for the living room, dining room and soon for the bedroom too.

The theme of this project is the beauty of eternal flower: the rose.

It is a symbol of elegance, sophistication and delicacy in the whole world, and these are the features that come with our furnishings: windows, mirrors, dressers, TV stand and the supreme Billiards table.

Ask for a pdf of the new collection!

A special thanks for a great success - @Il salone internationale del mobile in Milan

April 18

A special thank you to all those who visited our stand.

All our new proposals had a huge success, giving satisfaction and great emotions.

The Exclusive Collection Piazza di Spagna, the Billiard Table Toto, all lamps and handmade chandeliers, the precious Porcelain collections in gold and Swarovski crystals, the new proposals for luxury dining rooms and comfortable lounges have all been widely appreciated and photographed.

They are going to appear on many prestigious magazines.

This success makes us very proud but your visits are, however, our greatest success.

Thank you all.

Salone del Mobile di Milano 2014 – Not only chairs.

March 13

Great News.

Not only chairs, Not anymore.

At Il Salone internazionale del Mobile fantastic news will bloom.

An exclusive new collection, for the living and the night area, created by our designer.

Three areas dedicated to Home Luxury, Entertainment Luxury and Interactive Luxury.

Visit our stand. It will be amazing.

The Thousand and One Fabrics

March 12

The search of new fabrics is going on.

Our designer just selected 260 new proposal of fabrics that will shortly be available in our web site, section Fabrics.

We are taking pics all our new samples, from different perspectives in order to let you appreciate every shade and the iridescent colors.

Stay tuned!

Interior Mebel Kiev, 19th - 22nd February 2014

January 09

Dear Sirs,
We are pleased to welcome you at our stand 3/3-23 at the Interior Mebel in Kiev, form the 19th to the 22nd February 2014.

Contact me to get the promotional code to download your free ticket:

We wait for you!

The Staff

Collection Cosmopolitan

August 01

Bello Sedie introduces its latest creation: Collection Cosmopolitan

6 Seat triangular dining table set, two seat on each side, fully customizable.

Harmonic shapes, original design, bright and intense colors, perfect lines, eccentric decoration and finishes of your choice.

Bello Sedie perfectly knows that little details make the big difference.

Collection Cosmopolitan is not for ordinary people.

Collection Rigoletto

June 18

Can you feel the harmony? That's Rigoletto Collection, by BELLO SEDIE - ITALIAN LUXURY CHAIRS AND TABLES

See and touch the shape of harmony with our new collection Rigoletto.

The intensity of the famous Italian drama is embodied in the shape, while the vibrancy of the music is captured in the magnificent decoration, in this brilliant finish with golden leaf details.

Collection Vanity

May 25

Passion for luxury relaxation?

Bello Sedie introduces the new collection Vanity.

Collection Vanity.

Our latest creation.

A new interpretation of shape.

Noble feelings deserve a special place for their dreams.

Where relaxation reigns supreme.


May 08

White and gold, purity and luxury. Here s the winning combination of 2013.

After the brilliant success at the Salone del Mobile in Milan, Bello Sedie introduces the new collection Anastasia.

An extravagant model, where the sinuous and austere elegance of golden leaf decorations, meets the sobriety of white and the richness of laminated fabric.

You can furnish your home, meeting rooms, or fancy restaurants.

Anastasia is refined like a spring flower, like the royal princess whose name it bears.

Ask for the on-line catalogue or a free quotation:

Milan Fair 2013 thanks

April 15

Dear Sirs,
following our meeting during the Salone del Mobile in Milan, we want to thank You for giving our company the opportunity to let us know.

We enjoyed our conversation and pleasant climate we established.

Thanks to this meeting, our interest in strengthening and stimulating the cooperation with Your dynamic team is getting stronger and stronger.

We hope to have the pleasure of meeting You again in order to consolidate and strengthen the bond between our companies and to provide any information You may need.

Please, accept our best regards

The staff Bello Sedie

The new website is now online

October 01

New structure, new graphic concept, new content: the new virtual space is now able to offer a comprehensive web experience of BELLO SEDIE’s production world and to tell the full story of its products.

The development of the new website privileged a streamlined structure, rich information and the evolution of the product range, and was restyled to offer the visitor the best service ever.

Appealing graphics, together with streamlined and straightforward navigation were BELLO SEDIE’s keys to make a “winning” website, that meets the requirements of the Client.

The PRODUCTS and FINISHINGS sections were fully reviewed, with larger pictures, more detailed data sheets and many possible combinations to customize everything as much as possible.

In addition, the viewing was also optimized for Tablets and Smartphones.

From the homepage it is possible to directly access the pages of various Social Networks and the company’s YouTube official channel, so that every product offered can be instantly shared and every user can give his/her opinion and directly show his/her appreciation for the new BELLO SEDIE collections.

On the Newsletter you can read news, information, participations at Shows and events and be always up to date on BELLO SEDIE.

What’s more, for field experts or for those who would simply like to browse through the Press Office, in the PRESS AND VIDEO area, in addition to viewing and downloading all BELLO SEDIE’s press releases, it will also be possible to select VIDEOS with TV interviews, films or TV series featuring BELLO SEDIE’s products, and videos concerning production.

The commitment of BELLO SEDIE entails the reduction in printed material resulting in a lower environmental impact with significant reduction in the use of paper, and its main concern is that the website effectively communicates with the user: the ideal website gives clients the information they need exactly when they need it, this was and will always be the guiding principle when developing the website.

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