GREEN is not just a color - Passion, quality, design – in green code.

The passion for craftsmanship, the high quality and attention to design that mixes tradition and creativity, are combined with extreme care for the environment.

Everything here is bio: every product comes from hardwood plantation and part of the profits is allocated to reforestation.
The waste material coming from the production processes is completely reused in the production of clean energy for the company itself.
For the packaging it is only used recycled plastic and the cartons come from FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified companies, which treat products coming forests that are managed responsibly according to strict environmental and socio-economic standards.

To furnish the interior, we must preserve the best outdoor environments.
For this reason the company uses highly innovative, ecological finishes, non-toxic paints and primers, the recycling is constantly applied in all plants.
The solvent used not only penetrates deep into the fibers to highlight the grains, but it is also eco-friendly and it creates a protective layer.
The shellac is applied with a cotton and linen polishing buffer, in circular applications - according to tradition - and using a pumice stone with a drop of yellow straw refined oil to get the silky effect.
Finally, the beeswax gives a fragrant scent to the wood and a velvety sensation to the touch.

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